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    VIP Remove insert thumbnail - Removes thumbnail insert option during message composing.

    Remove insert thumbnail v1.3 changes: Now works with XF v2.1 and newer.
  2. Xex

    VIP Change date - andy Change date v2.0

    Change date v2.0 changes: Fixed search index variable.
  3. Xex

    VIP View map - andy View map v1.4

    View map v1.4 changes: Now fully integrated into XenForo.
  4. Xex

    VIP Countdown - Countdown v1.7 andy

    Countdown v1.7 changes: Added Options page to allow changing the countdown timer colors.
  5. Xex

    VIP Rsvp - Rsvp v1.3 Andy

    Rsvp v1.3 changes: Minor template changes to improve look and feel.
  6. Xex

    VIP Change date - Change date v1.9 andy

    Change date v1.9 changes: Fixed default search index variables.
  7. Xex

    VIP Most likes - Most likes v1.8 andy

    Most likes v1.8 changes: Now works properly with XF v2.0 and v2.1.
  8. Xex

    VIP Rsvp - Rsvp v1.2 andy

    Rsvp v1.2 changes: Added Guest list button so the attendee list is hidden by default and only shown if clicked.
  9. Xex

    VIP Register email - Register email v2.8

    Register email v2.8 changes: Fixed issue dealing with manually creating a new user and creating a server error log.
  10. Xex

    VIP Change date - Change date v1.8 andy

    Change date v1.8 changes: Now updates search indexes.
  11. Xex

    VIP Video - Video v1.4 andy

    Video v1.4 changes: Now works with XF v2.0 and v2.1.
  12. Xex

    VIP Link check - Link check v1.6 Andy

    Link check v1.6 changes: Now works with XF v2.0 and v2.1.
  13. Xex

    VIP Calendar - Calendar v3.5 andy

    Calendar v3.5 changes: Fixed month selector in responsive mode.
  14. Xex

    VIP Change author - Change author v1.8 andy

    Change author v1.8 changes: Fixed issue with updating index in Enhanced search when using XF v2.0.